Born in Italy, with Greek and Egyptian roots, Grace K. is the designer behind Grace World. She grew up in an art infused family environment; her art loving mother and fashion-forward grandmother were her stronger influences, while her entrepreneur father emboldened her desire to create.

After obtaining a degree in Industrial Production and Engineering, Grace studied Fashion Design at London College of Fashion. Upon her graduation Grace set up her personal utopia named Grace World - a concept lying somewhere between a workshop, a gallery and a design studio. In Grace World the designer presented her limited edition eveningwear, bridal gowns, jewelry and accessories to handpicked clients. Her bespoke creations quickly became sought-after a very dedicated, refined local clientele, while her fine jewellery collections were showcased at the infamous Benaki museum and the Theocharakis foundation.

Grace, while enjoying working on custom-made projects and intensively interacting with clients, soon felt the need to re-center herself and express her personal taste, untamed and unaffected by her beloved customers' needs.

After years of experimenting with jewelry materials, haute couture techniques and sur mesure creations, the designer turned her attention back into her esoteric world. Feeling an urge to express the free-spirited part of her personality, Grace injected her eclectic aesthetic into a line of artful, colorful clutch bags featuring unexpected combinations of traditional hand-woven fabrics, semi-precious stones and bejeweled metal hardware, named GRACE EDITION. The first collection in summer 2013 sold out in no time; the clutches were featured in some of the world's best magazines, online boutiques, exclusive websites and famous blogs, while her SS14 collection was nominated at the LUXURY LIFESTYLE AWARDS in July 2014.

In spring 2014, Grace launched a second line, GRACE ATELIER DE LUXE, which precisely embodies her signature, austere artistic vision. GRACE ATELIER DE LUXE made its debut as a luxury leather goods line, consisting of handcrafted bags created with the use of traditional - almost extinct - techniques. Inspired by her mother's staple style during the 70's and early 80's, Grace added her own wild flair into the mix. The new line, her most personal project so far, immediately caught international media attention. Saira Maino of Vogue Italia selected Grace as one of the winners of the Wowcracy/VOGUE TALENTS contest in July 2014 giving the new line’s unveiling an excellent boost.

Today, both lines are stocked in international selected boutiques and e-stores, while Grace is passionately working on her upcoming collections.